Be Comfortable with the Code of Ethics and License Law on Social Media

The one thing we need to be comfortable with is compliance with the Realtor® Code of Ethics and Illinois License Law. One of the biggest issues we see locally is on social media. All social media pages used to promote your business or attract clients must identify you and your brokerage by full name and identify your role at the company. Your role in Illinois would be Broker unless you are the named managing broker of an office then you are required to use managing broker. The same goes for real estate related posts. Using #YourCompanyFullName and #Broker (or managing broker if you hold that position) in all your real estate related posts can save you from receiving a fine. The Code of Ethics Requires this to be one click away Unless State License Law is stricter. Many forget our Illinois License Law requires the full company name to be immediately and readily apparent- everywhere – even on Twitter and Instagram posts.

The Illinois Real Estate License Act requires your full company name, your name and your role to be immediately obvious to the public in all advertising including social media.

If you are part of a franchise company you must display the full name of the brokerage, not just the franchise’s name.

Generic pages such as Local Housing Market News must contain your full name, you full brokerage name and your role.

Social media posts that contain a team name must also contain the complete brokerage name and your role.

Your Facebook Business Page must clearly show your brokerage affiliation and role on all devices.

The Code and License Law apply to all Realtors® no matter where they do business, such as Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Many posts from services such as HootSuite, HomeSnap, and Ripl have no brokerage information at all. You are responsible for making sure the post is compliant even if someone else posts for you.