How Uncomfortable are you?

Staying in your comfort zone is very tempting and, in fact, most brokers do just that! That temptation to stay comfortable is the reason that we have such a low rate of true success in our industry. Only around 7% of practitioners truly make a good income. This month we are sharing some ideas to help you be more Uncomfortable and Successful in your business.

3 Key Steps to Getting Uncomfortable

*Call a person that you have lost touch with such as a past client, old friend etc. each day.

*Call all of your active sellers whose homes are not selling and have the difficult discussions.

*Get out your business plan and review your goals. Are your goals a little frightening to think about accomplishing? If not write some new, uncomfortable, goals.

Once you have done this take the most uncomfortable step and find someone to hold you accountable to work your plan and reach your goals. This should be someone that knows how to reach those goals themselves and how to be a good coach. There are many great real estate coaches you can hire for this priced from a few thousand a year to a few thousand a month. Another, more cost effective, option is to find a managing broker or mentor that provides expertise, experience and specialized knowledge in coaching agents to greater success.