Are You on Track with Your Business and Marketing Plan?

Mid-year has its own allure: Summer starts, vacations beckon, the spring real estate season is in full swing, and it almost feels like a new beginning, right?

But as REALTORs® we can’t forget that we are beginning the end of our earning year. Only one half left to hit those goals and be successful on our terms…terms that you set for yourself 6 months ago!

Here are three self-checks to avoid the 4th quarter blues:

1) Calculate how many listing appointments you went on and how many of those you WON. If you didn’t win some, set aside time to refresh and refine your listing presentation, so that you present an improved version for the second half of 2018.

2) Review your “touches” to your A and B people on your contact list– you know, the ones who would definitely recommend you–Have you been consistent with a message that is of VALUE to them? Get back on track with some market statistics pertinent to them, so that they feel good about recommending you for your expertise, not just your personality.

3) Are you present in the community? Get back to basics with open houses, community events, volunteering and being out and about. Know your market facts when you are asked at an event (and you WILL be asked). Set yourself up as the person to call who is part of the community.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “This isn’t the beginning of the end, but perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Make it a great second half of 2018!