Are You Interested or Are You Committed?

Over the years, I have noticed one mistake that agents make consistently. What’s that mistake you ask? Getting busy and not making the time to prospect and work their leads and network. Our “spring market” kicks in, and agents are busy showing homes, listing new properties and putting out fires. Transaction management and deal doctoring can take over our days. Of course, this has to be done just be careful you are not spending all of your time on your current business and not investing time generating future opportunities. Blocking out time on your calendar for business building will ensure your fall and winter business continues to thrive. You should treat your prospecting and lead follow up with the same level of importance as a listing appointment. You wouldn’t cancel on a potential seller, would you?

Start by figuring out how many hours a week you need to work on your business building and put it on your calendar – this time commitment will be based upon the income goal you set in your 2018 business plan. When you block off time, plan ahead and know what you are going to be working on (following up on your leads, sending a mailing, calling your sphere, farming, reaching out to past clients, etc.) so that you can get straight to work. Achieving your goals will be that much easier if you know what you need to be working on every day.

Remember, if you are not just interested but committed to building a strong business with a more predictable income, you’re going to need to continue planting those seeds this spring and summer to see the results in the fall. Happy Prospecting!

“Realize that the hardest step in achieving anything is making a true commitment.” Tony Robbins