Email  Marketing Tools

Sure, email seems like the step-child of technology now, in light of all that Social media affords us. However, we tell our agents that offering valuable information often requires more than a snapped photo. Ironically, email can now feel MORE personal than other tools. If I am your prospect and I receive a personalized market update from you about my own neighborhood, I feel more attended to by you than if I see a post of yours at an open house that 500 other people see. Use your email to send market updates from Infosparks or a CMA Summary off the MLS. Better yet, are you using Hot Sheets to its best and highest potential? Check it every day, then email a listing you see that reminds you of one of your prospects—not that you think they will run out and buy it—but it says you are thinking of them as you are out and about in the marketplace. YOU HAVE INFORMATION THEY NEED, and there is sometimes no better way to show that than through a personal email.  Mass CRM email marketing is great, just don’t forget that getting back to basics with individualized messages can be a beautiful thing!