Getting Social

Social media can be an overwhelming strategy for many real estate agents these days.  Many cannot understand how to engage with clients, which platforms to use, and what to share.  Here is a quick guide to  each platform and how it can help you grow your business.

  •  Facebook: 90% of all social network users in the US are on Facebook.  It is the most popular platform.  What’s nice about Facebook, is that it’s a user friendly platform.  You can engage your clients with questions and “talk” to them and find out what they are looking for.  Facebook accepts text, photos, and videos. You can really maximize your performance to a wide range of people by boosting your posts to  a larger market.
  •  Instagram: It is currently the fastest growing social platform and allows for exposure and engagement through hashtags in a way that Facebook does not.  It is currently the top engagement tool for brands two years running.  90% of its 600 million unique monthly users are under 35 and follow brands there.  Only 55% of companies are on Instagram so there is an opportunity.  You are talking through your photos and videos – so make each one count!

  •  Twitter: 317 million unique monthly users engage with brands and businesses.  94% of users plan to make a purchase from a small business they follow, and 69% have already done business with a brand they saw on Twitter. Be careful as this platform tends to get on your political side.
  •  Linked In: Think of this as your network or sphere.  Linked In has prided itself on constant communication with its users and the ability to have you reach out to other businessmen/women.  Whether it’s people in your field or former co-workers, this is where your sphere can grow and benefit.

What to share on any platform?  First, be social.  Be real, genuine, and let people know who you are.  People buy people.  Second, share useful business and industry content.  Do not avoid local and market related trends and statistics.  Your sphere and potential clients all want to know the trending value of their real estate.  Third, share community information in the areas you serve.  Most people get their news from social media – be the location that they are going to, to find out the next event or newsworthy information.  Share your successes as well.  Let them know you are a productive professional they can trust.

Helpful Tip: Be sure your full company name, your name (or properly registered team name), and your role as a broker or managing broker always appears on your posts to comply with Illinois law.