Time Management

Just like a New Year’s resolution, one thing, as agents, we say we need to do, but never actually do is establish a time management system. Seriously? We are too busy fighting fires and building our business to take time for that. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed yet? Much of that comes from knowing we are working harder not smarter. It is difficult to stop and assess our business flow in order to organize our time effectively, but it is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our business.

There are time management systems that cater to every personal style of working, but the best include time blocking elements that apply across the board. The short list of which blocks to include in your schedule:

¨ Time for yourself – recurring activities/family /gym /vacations list these and make sure you put them on the calendar. Remember you are working to enjoy your life – you need to take care of yourself.

¨ Prospecting – this includes networking & marketing activities: calls, notes, open houses, & social media.

¨ Client follow up – plan to touch base with all your active clients once a week, both listing and sales, and be consistent. Especially in a tough market, a simple call will let your clients know you are on top of things.

¨ Answering emails & paperwork – the admin side of the job. By setting a regular time for this, you will be more efficient and timely rather than disorganized and scattered.

If you are a hands on person, print out a hard copy of a weekly calendar and divide it into 30 minute blocks.  Schedule your non-negotiable time first, then think about your personal work style to schedule the other blocks. You will be amazed to see how much time you actually have to attend to client showings, list presentations and to attend to those inevitable fires!