Time to Plan for 2019

The most important thing you can do right now is to create an in-depth business, marketing, and accountability plan that will clearly map out and ensure your success for 2019. The plan will help you further identify what skills you can improve or develop to help you achieve your goals.
The most frequent outcomes agents want from their business are:
Improved Life Balance / Family Relationships
Systems in Place / Make it Easier
Consistent and Predictable Business / Growth
How did your past business planning activities do in reaching those goals?
If you are like most brokers, you had no plan or only a very basic plan and it probably was not consistently followed either. The most successful agents have detailed plans, including an execution strategy; they schedule the plan into their calendar, and then track the progress and results regularly.
Know Your Numbers
Closed Volume $
Closed Units
Average Sales Price $
Average Commission Rate
Business Expenses
Expenses as a % of Income
Expenses Per Transaction
Leads Generated
Lead to Closing ratio
This is the very basic list. For the complete list of the numbers you should know contact me and I will be happy to send it to you.Business Plan Tips:

Do not wait until the Last Minute!

Making a plan for success in 2019 should happen while 2018 is starting to wind down. Give yourself time to think clearly and plan well.
Gather all the numbers you need prior to starting the plan. Hopefully you kept good track of your numbers for the year and have it ready to go. If not be sure to gather the information before sitting down to start the plan. Your plan time should be high-level business thinking not chasing down data.

Remove yourself from the Daily Grind – schedule some time away from business and family to think clearly creatively and get the plan done. When you are always in the heat of doing business, solving problems, showing properties, negotiating, etc. it’s next to impossible to find the time to craft a plan that will lead to success. You need to remove yourself from the daily grind and build your plan without the distractions that are typically thrown at you on a daily basis.