What’s In a Plan?

Business Plan…. two words we talk about, but do we follow through? If your plan contains reasonable, trackable and actionable elements, it becomes so much easier to use. What are the basic pieces of a great plan?


  • Goals – Set some serious goals. Set them a few different ways. Personal and financial should both be listed.


  • What You Need To Do To Get There – This is the perfect time to stop and review your marketing/sales efforts and evaluate what is working and what needs to be changed. Even if you have always done “X,” if it isn’t giving you the return on your time and money invested— change it up!


Now, this is all well and good, and this is where it is so easy to stop. Ok, wrote down my goals, reflected on my marketing, now I will put this in a drawer and forget about it…..nope!


  • Break it Down – Long-term goals are difficult to implement without a short-term roadmap. Break down what you need to do monthly and weekly—daily if need be—to get you to your destination. How many cards are you giving out? How many times are you touching your SOI and how? How many calls do you need to make to reach those final goals? What is your social media schedule? By setting this out in a calendar format, you will hold yourself accountable. Put it where you can see it, and let it nag you.


  • How Can I Get Better – Our industry is always evolving, and so should we. What new skills or credentials do you plan to add this year? Is there new technology that would help your business? Do you need to consider an assistant? This also keeps you fresh and engaged.


Finally, it might be time to get someone else involved. Work with a coach or a trusted peer to help keep you on track. A regular conversation can go a long way in aiding business success.