Success Doesn’t Come From What You Do Occasionally, It Comes From What You Do Consistently

We wait. A lot. We plant the seeds of our business, and we wait for them to sprout and grow. Waiting can be excruciating, especially when your livelihood depends on it. But as professional Realtors, we must always be tending to the garden of our contacts in a consistent, deliberate fashion. It can seem like we do more weeding than harvesting at times…but enough of the garden metaphor. You get it: consistent adherence to your communications plan, whatever you have deemed it to be, gets you results. Week after week, day after day, and yes, hour by hour, you must demonstrate your value to your old and new contacts so that when they are ready for help, you have already shown that you are more knowledgeable and capable than anyone else (and there are others, believe me). Plan. Execute. Stand out. Reap your harvest.