Video marketing is here and now! There’s plenty of time and a lot of opportunities to incorporate this business-boosting marketing tool into your 2019 business or marketing plan, and do it affordably.


The benefits of video are abundant and proven. Right now, you can probably easily think of someone in your office who uses it well. You thinking of that person proves its benefit. Videos increase your brand awareness, provide proof of your expertise, increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimization, i.e. your chance to appear in search results), and lets people get to know you before working with you.


When you allow people a look into your work and life, they can begin to know, like, and trust you. Video content speeds up the “know, like, trust” process that forms relationships. Creating more relationships faster leads to more opportunities to propel your business forward. Before meeting you, people can see the true, authentic you when you use video to showcase your career.


It’s no secret that videos are prioritized on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Because Google owns YouTube they automatically include videos with search results. YouTube is a must for this reason! You don’t need to use all of these platforms for video to impact your business but a solid strategy incorporates a few of them.


Your video budget should align with your career level. It’s ok to start out with only a plan and your mobile phone but if more equipment or production support is attainable then go for it.  Perfectionism and camera shyness don’t need to stop you either. A little “human element” or imperfection in a video makes you appear more authentic. Done is better than perfect! And practice makes perfect (while alleviating camera shyness).