Make A Listing Video Like a Pro

Before making any real estate video you need to make a plan. For a listing video, this means taking the floor plan and mapping out where you want to shoot and in what order.

Make note of any features you want to mention, like high ceilings, wine fridge, or views from family room. Ask your seller what they love most about the home for more ideas.

Buyers need to imagine themselves living in the home and a great way to help them is by asking your seller to share stories about memories they made there. If they have photos from specific events, like holidays or family gatherings, use them.

Once your script and stories are ready, record a few practice walkthroughs paying attention to light and moving any objects that don’t flatter the setting.

Pre-Production Tips:


  • Put your phone in Airplane Mode to avoid unexpected calls or notifications
  • Take a few practice shots to test sound and light
  • Headphones are better to test audio quality than your phone’s speaker
  • If you’re going to be at a loud place, like a conference or community event, use tape to cover your microphone holes to cutback on background noise
  • Be concise and keep videos brief – writing a script helps!


Post-Production Tips:


  • Use an app or program like iMovie or Filmora for editing
  • Outsource editing or adding music or voiceover on


The applications of video for real estate marketing are truly endless. Not all need to be of people or properties either. Slideshows and animations are attention-catching and allow for interesting effects. Again, Fiverr is a great resource or check out if you want to be more hands-on.

Here is a list of inspirations to help you get the camera rolling:


  • A video bio (“About Me”) or you being interviewed about your career
  • Listing video with a voice-over of you reading of the listing description
  • Town or neighborhood lifestyle video (“Living near Ravinia in Highland Park”)
  • Market trends or your commentary on real estate in the headlines
  • Team introduction video
  • Client testimonial interviews
  • Advice to buyers and sellers, address a real issue you recently solved for clients
  • Review a local business
  • Live stream from an open house or community event
  • Explain your listing marketing strategy
  • Your year in review – stats, success stories
  • Behind the scenes of staging a property