Polish Your Database to Shine in 2019

A Realtor’s database (“book of business” or list of contacts) is the foundation of their business. It’s a living, breathing document that like other living things must be pruned from time to time. To effectively earn trust, referrals, and new business from this list of past, current and future clients, the details in your database must be clean and segmented.


Clean simply means that information in your database is accurate, spelled correctly, and up to date. Segmented means that your list is divided into smaller groups.


First things first: Check for duplicates and errors. Once complete, review your client groups (or create them if you don’t have them yet). Real estate guru and renowned coach Brian Buffini defines client groups like this:

  • A+ sent you multiple referrals
  • A are most likely to refer you
  • B who would refer you, if asked and shown how
  • C might refer you in the future
  • D need to be deleted


Bigger is not always better in the case of your database. A database carefully organized is more powerful than a database three times larger that is unorganized.


Now that your list is pruned down to the contacts who matter, you can begin to look for more distinct smaller groups. Identifying different groups allows you to target the information you share to address the needs and interests specific to each group. More effective messages means you save time, receive more responses, and ultimately create more business opportunities – whether it’s done via email, direct mail, with online ads, or an ol’ fashioned phone call.


Beyond the basics of name, address, contact info, location, and source, consider categories like Professional Industry, Organization, Generation, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Buy / Sell Anniversary, Pet Owner, or Parent. These details might be in the “Notes” section of your CRM, but when added to your database (in spreadsheet format), they become more than a side note and are now a distinct, sortable group that you can connect with.


The more accurate and detailed your database, the more powerful your marketing and outreach can be to earn you repeat, new, and–most important–consistent business. Let yourself shine!