Yearlong Marketing Plan


A marketing plan is a road map to achieve the goals set in your business plan. Start the year focused and on track with these six steps to an actionable plan:


  1. Your Pitch: Create a 20 – 30 second elevator pitch that describes what you do and how you are different than your competition.


  1. SWOT Analysis: Complete this matrix to identify your areas of opportunity to improve.
Helpful Unfavorable


Strengths Weaknesses


Opportunities Threats

  1. Goals: Use the results of your SWOT analysis to see what opportunities exist. Implement video? Increase sales in a new area? Limit your focus to 3 – 5 goals to stay on track throughout the year.

  1. Target Market: Define your ideal clientele. “Clientele” may be a price point, area, or group, like first-time buyers. When you know who you want to work with, you can determine where and how to reach them — not excluding your freshly polished database!

  1. Strategy and Tactics: Every goal you set needs a strategy (what to do) and set of tactics (how to do it). Here’s an example:
Goal: Generate 30% more leads than last year
  • Boost referral opportunities
  • Increase engagement on social media
  • Call 10 past clients every week
  • Run one giveaway for past clients every quarter
  • Publish one video on social media every other week
  • Host a client appreciation party twice a year

  1. Budget ($ and Time): Remember, willingness to create a plan and follow it is worth more than any budget. This is where the “yearlong” part comes in: Rely on your calendar to schedule tactics (like in the example above) and STICK TO IT!