More Ways to Stay Safe at Showings Than You Thought

There are enough horror stories about what can happen to an agent if they’re not careful at showings to know it’s best to take precautions. But do you know them all? Use all these tips, and you’ll be extra protected on the job. 


  1. Carry pepper spray, in your car and when showing a home.
  2. Let someone at your office know where you are going and when you plan to return. 
  3. Tell your manager or someone else at your office who you are showing the apartment to.
  4. Make sure your office has on file the make, model, and license number of your car. 
  5. Give your office a list of your emergency contacts. 
  6. Have a code word, so your office can know you’re in trouble if you call in. 
  7. Call your office or someone in your family once per hour when showing a home. 
  8. Figure out your escape routes in the house before anyone arrives. 
  9. Park your car on the street in front of the house instead of the driveway where you could be blocked in. 
  10. Check the backyard to see if there is a locked gate. 
  11. Keep the door locked until your client arrives. 
  12. Keep a notebook with the make and model of each person’s car at an open house.
  13. Stay near an exit while the prospect looks at the house. 
  14. Never walk in front of a prospect through the house. 
  15. Ask your seller to tell their neighbors when the open house is and to alert the police if they see anything suspicious.


If someone visiting your open house is planning to assault you, these tips should minimize the opportunities they have to do so.