The Technology to Be Safer Is There. Use it.

In an era where information access and technology are expanding exponentially, there are still businesses and transactions that are based on personal interaction. Real estate is a profession for people who like people, and that’s part of what makes the job so enjoyable sometimes. But when you know you also need to protect yourself from some people, the tools available now are kind of amazing. 


Take Forewarn, for example. This service leverages massive amounts of data and analytics to do a background check on every prospect you interact with, so you can know before you ever set foot on the property whether the people coming to see it will be people you’re comfortable with. Just remember, using a service like Forewarn with some prospects and not others could be a violation of fair housing laws, so use it with every single client. 


Guard Llama is another safety measure that uses state-of-the-art technology. If you’re in trouble during a showing, you press a small device that uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and instantly send your GPS location, photo, and medical information to its dispatch center and every contact you have on your friends and family list, and the police are dispatched to your location.