You’ve Got an Interesting Job. Here’s How to Be Safe Doing It.

As an agent, you’re in a unique position compared to most working professionals. You share your contact info with strangers, meet clients you don’t know, and you sometimes work in vacant properties. And because you’re doing it all alone, it’s critical to have personal safety protocols in place. Here are a few that have saved agents from trouble in the past:


  • Don’t have your first meeting with a client at a property they want to see. Meet them first at your office or a public space like a coffee shop. 
  • When you first meet, take photos or make copies of your client’s driver’s license and preapproval letter for your records, so you know who your clients are. 
  • When you’re putting your marketing materials like business cards together, keep the personal details you include to a minimum using your brokerage’s contact info whenever possible. 
  • Make sure to drive separately to showings by mentioning you have another appointment directly after this one. 
  • You’ve probably heard this one, but having separate social media accounts for yourself and your business keeps your personal data and photos protected. 


It’s vital that you follow these rules every day and with every client. Part of what makes real estate fun is that every day is different from the one before. But since you never know what might happen, it’s important to protect yourself by being prepared with safety strategies you follow every time you interact with a client.