Following up on your goals

Goal-setting sheets often wind up tucked away in a desk drawer, not to be found until it’s far too late to make them a reality. We’ve all been guilty of this at some point–life opportunities and challenges come at you from all different angles, and the last thing you’re thinking about was a goal sheet you filled out last December. 


Of course, those goals you set are only as good as your follow up and accountability plan for them. A good place to start is setting up a consistent schedule to review your progress. Set a repeating calendar event, ideally every couple weeks. 


But don’t keep this part to yourself–identify an accountability partner or two who will help keep you honest. Many struggle with the execution of using self-accountability exclusively, not to mention the valuable outside perspective and suggestions a partner could offer. This could be your designated managing broker or a personal mentor in the industry you aspire to learn more from. You could also do this with a peer, where you could directly compare notes and coach each other.


Re-evaluating your ambitious goals can seem an intimidating proposition. That is one of the reasons many agents don’t wind up doing it. But the more thorough you are, the more equipped you’ll be to know exactly what you need to focus on–and now, you’ve got a partner you trust to give you constructive feedback when you need it.