Starting a Team – Who Should Be Your First Hire?

Typically, the first person you will want to hire for your team is an administrative assistant. This person will handle many of the more laborious tasks mentioned previously, such as paperwork and scheduling, allowing you to maximize your time with clients.


It can be tempting to add a licensed broker to your team first as someone who can act in your place when you have too many things going on. It’s somewhat of an attempt to be in two places at once: you’re doing one showing downtown, and your licensee is doing another one on your behalf across town. This can help, but it is much less likely to actually grow your business, because you will still be bogged down by the unproductive tasks that hinder the amount of time you can spend on revenue-generating activities.


For that reason, your first hire is better off as someone who can comb through the behind-the-scenes administrative and light marketing work — so you don’t have to. Your second hire could be a full-time marketing associate. As cliche as it may sound, for both of these positions, you will want to identify a self-starter with a bright attitude, willing and able to do this kind of work. For marketing especially, you will want someone relatively tech-savvy who is also willing to learn new techniques on the fly.


Your second hire could also be a licensed buyer’s agent. Here is someone you will need to be able to trust to work well with clients, but can also take the great time commitment of working with buyers off your plate. Meanwhile, you are still off acquiring even more listings than before.