Tools and Tips for Team Organization

Hiring well, communicating well, and using the right tools are three vital aspects of running your team. Frequent “team huddle” meetings or calls, even if they often don’t last more than 10 or 15 minutes, are a great way to keep everyone on the same page. 


Team stability is important too, which comes from sharp hiring: be wary of hiring those too overqualified, who could have a higher flight risk, and loyalty is a trait you may want to ask for examples of.


In terms of tangible tools to kick your team into gear, you will need access to most, if not all, of the following: a powerful CRM, project management tools, transaction management system, and time management system. Some of these, especially the CRM, may be provided by your brokerage. But either way, it is important to find tools that work for your team.


That last point is the main idea here: building a team that works for you, literally and figuratively, is the crucial factor to making it worth its cost in time and money. If a team member you hired is not effectively taking things off your plate, or you have to spend a disproportionate time training them, it may be time to evaluate your options. 


However, it can also be dangerous to subscribe to the “slow to hire, quick to fire” line of thinking that often comes with hiring team members, as this tends to discount the time and effort it will inevitably take you to restart the hiring process. Patience with a learning curve may be required before a team member can flourish. How will you know what to believe? These decisions are always hard, but swearing by open and honest communication will help you make the most informed decision you can.