Getting ahead of stress on the job

Real estate can be a stressful business. Your take-home pay is heavily based not on a pre-set salary, but by how much time you put in, and how well that time is used. The huge variation in potential earnings can be quite intimidating, and a double-edged sword similar to the schedule flexibility.


Staying organized with your time and tasks, as mentioned before, is a key way to stay ahead of stress. If you can honestly look yourself in the mirror and know you’ve been spending your time on the right things, then success will come, and you shouldn’t feel the need to work 80 hours a week. 


Other useful strategies amid working hours include taking a walk, a quick coffee or tea break perhaps with a colleague, exercising, or meditating. If you still need help, reach out to a mentor, peer, or managing broker for guidance. As we looked at last month, a goal-setting plan involving an accountability partner (which is usually going to be one of those three people) can help keep you on track. This is someone who knows your strengths and weaknesses, and will give you constructive criticism needed to balance your time and energy. Being honest with yourself, and supportive coaching from that partner, should minimize potential stressors before it even gets to that point.