Take a REAL vacation — unplug and have good coverage while gone

If you have learned to manage your time and stress well, you will have earned a nice long vacation for yourself soon. But don’t settle for a rapid weekend trip. Take a real vacation, as in a proper five-to-ten day getaway. Whatever your scene is — city or country, outdoorsy or indoorsy — make it count. And try to disconnect from work as much as possible. But how?


Having a reliable backup willing and able to service your clients while you are gone is obviously key. Work out in advance how compensation for this work should be handled, whether it be a pledge to do the same for them, a split on any deals worked while away, or an hourly rate. But make this person’s role worth your while: truly unplug and try to allow them to handle all contact with the outside world while you’re away. You may want to check in with them every day or periodically as necessary just for updates or questions, but you should do everything you can to avoid an active role in work.

Why is it so important to focus on not working while you’re vacationing? Burnout. If you spend a significant amount of your time working on the same tasks you would normally, your getaway was only a physical one when it could have also been a mental one. But it’s the mental escape that could truly leave you feeling completely refreshed upon your return to work.