The Value of Using a CRM

As frustrating and intimidating as they can be at times, the value a well-oiled customer relationship management (CRM) system can bring to your business cannot be overstated. They do require an investment of time on your part to get set up, as well as getting yourself in the habit of making it your go-to for managing listings, clients, and prospects. 


But once you’ve found a consistent practice that works for you and sworn by it, menial tasks can be completed in a fraction of the time, if not automated entirely.


Of course, this probably isn’t news to you. CRMs have been around for years now and only continue to get more advanced. Sophistication is also a double-edged sword, of course, as more complex features can come with a sharper learning curve. But invest the time in setup and practice and you could be more productive than ever.


A CRM isn’t just for contact management or lead organizing. It should also help you realistically project your business goals for the upcoming quarter or year, based on your pipeline and previous track record. Graphs and charts with your sales data aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they’re probably the most visually comprehensible way to track your progress. If you’re able to take your forecasts more seriously, so should your designated managing broker.


Of course, the features available to you are likely to depend on what your brokerage’s CRM of choice offers to you. However, if you’ve experimented with that system and it seems limited, it could absolutely be worth the investment to choose one of your own, and especially so if you work with a team. 


But where to start? With countless CRM options out there, this too can be overwhelming. Ask around — perhaps some of your colleagues or mentors have valuable feedback on other CRMs they’ve used, a topic that very well may have never come up before. Think of the features you’ve used before and liked, and also what you wish a CRM could make easier for you. Then check out online reviews and target those features. Odds are, you’ll also discover features you’ve never even heard of and take advantage of those too.