What Does a Modern CRM Look Like?

When it comes to CRMs, more complicated does not necessarily mean more effective. Learning curve aside, you still want an intuitive system, one that will truly make your life easier. Some of the go-to features to look for include seamless mobile capability, such as an app that provides all of your info in easy to access ways, and many if not most capabilities you’d find on the desktop version.


A modern CRM should be able to automatically log emails you’ve sent and calls you’ve made, although you will likely need to manually input any detailed conversation notes or thoughts. It should also know to nudge you to follow up with a client, either at a time you specified, automatically, or both. Consistent follow-up is obviously key to lay the groundwork for a long, fruitful client relationship. Your CRM should make that task a breeze, not a nuisance.


Third-party integrations in a modern CRM should make your life easier too. It should integrate with the MLS, social media, signature platforms such as Docusign, and any other tools you’re using, such as an event manager to manage your open houses or photography service.


One thing to be wary of is automatic social media posting, as static-sounding repeated posts can come off as lazy or unprofessional. Even worse, some common CRMs default to the same few messages to post, so the posts it will put up on your behalf may be word-for-word identical to those of other agents who have made the same mistake. You may not have even realized you authorized your CRM to post on your behalf, especially if you’re not checking that social media platform frequently.