Keeping your prospecting going even in the worst of times

Thanks to its nature as a primarily individual activity, hopefully your prospecting should be able to continue even when other facets of your business have slowed. If self-quarantined, for example, perhaps that can be used as an office distraction free time to focus on prospecting and maintaining existing relationships over the phone and email. 


Visiting clients in person to show appreciation may be out of the question, but sending a handwritten note or sending an online product could still create that personal touch. Unfortunately, social distancing puts most direct client touch points out of the question for now, such as breakfasts and lunches, or client appreciation events. 


This could be a great time to not only resume prospecting, but circle back and reevaluate the return on your marketing investments. Then, move forward with new outreach campaigns through whichever methods are generating your best return, such as mailers or social media ads. Perhaps even a campaign that acknowledges the unique challenges people may be facing amidst this crisis could get some attention — and get you a few calls. Nothing about the coronavirus outbreak has been “business as usual,” so a marketing campaign that reflects you’re prepared and still equipped to help clients through trying times could make a big difference.