Being a Client Resource in Crisis Times, Even When You’re Not Closing Deals

Staying relevant to your satisfied clients is always a sound principle of building a sustainable long term business. According to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) 2018 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers, 92% of recent homebuyers were satisfied with their Realtor at the time of purchase. 74% said they would “definitely” want to work with the same realtor for their next need, with another 16% saying they would “probably” want to work with them again.


However, only 12% of those same recent homebuyers reported actually working with an agent that they had previously worked with. Where is the disconnect? These numbers could seem almost misleading. But the reality is that given the years the client may go in between needing an agent, the relationship usually goes dormant.


Staying in touch every once in a while is always important, but the COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique way to do this. With rapidly changing circumstances in all of our lives, tensions are heightened for many clients. If they’re at all considering selling or buying a home, understanding the rapidly changing market can be an overwhelming task. Vague, overly broad news articles or word-of-mouth updates your clients may be receiving from peers could be completely off base for the market they’re interested in, but how would they know that? 


Here’s an opportunity: utilize MLS tools to provide that highly localized, real time information that they can’t get anywhere else. This would involve setting up scheduled weekly or biweekly video calls where you can share your screen to show them a tool like Infosparks, where you can give them the most updated data for the submarket they’re looking to stay ahead of. They might be surprised by what they find. 


COVID-19 represents an excellent time to do this because of how rapidly clients’ circumstances could be changing, how rapidly submarket conditions could be changing, and because this is a regular touchpoint that is not only considerate, but could be extremely useful and probably increases their loyalty to you. Whenever they are ready to make a move, it’ll be much likelier that it goes to you. The offer to set up such regular consultations is one easily extended to all current prospects, former clients, and even your entire network via social media to show that you’re prepared as a resource during these difficult times.