Maintaining Unique Client Touchpoints

Even if a full screen-sharing consultation isn’t what your prospect is looking for at this time, what are some different ways to keep in touch with them weeks, months, or even years since your last transaction with them?


A first helpful step can be to maintain a comprehensive database of all former clients, updating each touchpoint no matter how minor. Obviously, having an effective CRM could assist with this, but even without one it’s important to do on your own. The next step is to think of how you can reach out with something “sticky” that will really stand out to the prospect. Generic touchpoints like a voicemail or email note are better than nothing, but the response rate on them likely pales in comparison to something more unique. 


For example, look up some funny holidays online and turn one into something useful. Did you know that Lost Sock Memorial Day is on May 9th? Perhaps to a certain number of high value prospects you’re looking to expand your relationship with, you send a comfy pair of socks with a handwritten note. Or what better excuse to send a fancy company pen than on National Ballpoint Pen Day on June 18th? Now there’s an item that they could wind up using all the time, and they’ll at least subconsciously think of you each look at it.


If goofy holidays aren’t your thing, there are numerous services that can manage touchpoints for you while maintaining an authentic feel. There are even companies that will send out monthly gifts to your clients automatically with personal messages from you integrated within.