Build Relationships with Title and Mortgage

Just like how you’d hope clients would come to trust you as their go-to resource for their own needs and referrals from their networks, maintaining strong relationships with mortgage and title is a relatively undervalued way to make transactions flow smoothly. Your personal relationship  allows you more control over how the transaction will go, and a natural added motivation on both sides to see the deal through.


Here at Baird & Warner, we are proud to work hand-in-hand with Key Mortgage and Landtrust National Title, taking a lot of the guessing out of the equation. Many agents benefit from just walking down the hall to communicate with Key in real time. In stressful situations and routine ones alike, knowing that you’ll be passing off your clients into good hands creates tremendous peace of mind.


Unstable markets and lending conditions have also had impacts on transactions worldwide. As larger banks continue to adjust on the fly to ensure their own stability and maintain necessary reserves, they may not be the best option moving forward. Key Mortgage offers the stability of a larger firm, but with the flexibility of a family-owned, Chicago-based operation.