Maximizing Your Brokerage’s Resources

Speaking of what your brand name stands for, here at Baird & Warner, we take pride in the abundance of training available for agents and managers throughout the year. It’s important to help agents keep their skills sharp on everything from winning listings, technology, working their sphere of influence, reviews, time management, to referrals.


But supportive management can’t do it all on their own. This monthly newsletter makes frequent mention of the crucial need for a time-saving, business-managing CRM, such as kvCORE used at Baird & Warner. Another service providing tremendous return on investment, not to mention headaches saved, is Contract Care, which takes care of the paperwork for the busy agent. You won’t need to worry about missing a deadline or spending hours on tedious documents that slow you down, and Contract Care only charges if the sale closes.


Another area you may want to look for outside help is with social media. Even for those of us who use social media personally, using it for business can be daunting, time-consuming, and even precarious in that many spend marketing dollars on it without really knowing if they’re making the right purchase to get a return from it. 


Virtual Assistant services can help with this as well: have your social media managed by someone who knows when to post, what to post, and why to post. For example, as tempting as it can be to just make posts each time you gain a new listing or close on another home, people may quickly tune that out. How will you connect with your social media network more directly? Integrating personal posts, such as some pictures with the family doing something you enjoy in your free time, and more consultory professional posts, such as sharing news in local markets and your take on them, can make your feed much more appealing. Your Virtual Assistant can help make that a reality.