Your Team – Creating Consistency of Service

Are you an agent or team that can be relied upon? Not only while working with an active buyer or seller, but months, even years, after you last worked with them? 


The most important part of consistent service is obviously a consistent plan for communication and professionalism. Utilizing tech resources to make that happen is key, but the first thing you’ll need to decide is what kind of personal touch you want to leave. What does your personal brand stand for, and why should people trust it? Will you show clients that you care in ways that other agents aren’t, or ways that are otherwise memorable? Answering these questions can drive your next decisions, such as how often and by which format you will be in touch. To make sure these tasks get done, block out dedicated time in your week to ensure follow up.


In a pandemic era of real estate where lead generation has gone more digital and markets are varying wildly, patience with leads could be more important than ever. This only underscores the need for sticking to that communication plan for anywhere between a few weeks to a year. (As we covered last month, with all of the confusion and misinformation regarding housing markets out there, now is a great time to offer regular client consultations on local market data!)


Now is also a vital time to touch up on skills. In addition to Baird & Warner’s extensive use of G-Suite products and an exhaustive set of kvCORE features, agents shouldn’t be afraid of the virtual open house, sharing their screen and other video conferencing tools, and social media. These days, showing buyers and sellers how you are adapting to these pandemic times is an excellent way to leave a unique impression. Or perhaps they’d even ask before giving you their listing: how would you leverage video and online marketing to sell my house? Whatever you answer may be, a thorough strategy utilizing new tools for clear and persuasive digital communication is a good one.