83% of agents end their career at a different brokerage than they started it with. 50% of agents have affiliated with 3 or more brokerages in their careers. At Baird & Warner Glenbrook, we plan to earn being your final choice!

Are You Ready to Make a Positive Change in your Business?

Change is an exciting and potentially stressful time for your business. Making a change of brokerage can be as difficult or easy as your decision on what office to move to makes it. Coaching, training, onboarding plans, structure, goals and the support of your brokerage are the biggest contributing factors to getting off the ground quickly and successfully.

The Best Time to Make the Move

Agents change brokerages throughout the year and there never is a perfect time. You will need to gauge how busy you are and what active transactions and listings you have to try and target the right time for the move. Start interviewing managing brokers well before your potential move date so that you have time to gather information and get answers to all of your questions.

For most, the fall and winter aligns best for a move. Moving at this time allows for a ramp-up period of new marketing during the colder, slower months to provide momentum for a strong spring business. This also gives you the opportunity to fully learn new systems and tools while your business is likely slower than in the spring. The busier your business, the more important it is to join an office that has a strong plan and staff for onboarding. Read on for more about that.

Coaching for Success

It is a very rare person that can be truly self-accountable and self-coaching. As a result, many brokers achieve far less than they are capable of, and others end up paying large sums of money for outside coaching with mixed results. Our managing broker, Ian Robinson, is a very experienced coach and has a track record of helping many agents grow their business substantially in the first year of coaching with him. In addition, Ian recently attended a training program on how to be a better coach for agents taught by Tom Ferry himself.


If you have or are thinking about starting a team, you need a company, office and manager that understand teams and have experience supporting them. At Baird & Warner, we have specific team marketing programs, team websites, phone trees, and more. Our Glenbrook Office managing broker has extensive experience with teams, starting with running his own team before going into management. He helps agents set up or reorganize teams from basic structure to agreements, marketing, running ads, reviewing resumes, interviewing and hiring team staff, setting up systems and processes, business planning and coaching the team members to success. In addition, he has read many books on real estate teams and attended specialized training on running teams. Baird & Warner also has an in-house team set-up coach that will meet with you to evaluate where your business is and where it is going to provide you with advice of the best path forward.


Won’t My Business Suffer from a Move?

Many agents that change brokerages do suffer a decline in their business. This is because most offices do not have a good onboarding and marketing plan in place. With proper strategy your business should grow not diminish. One agent that joined our office after struggling in the business at two other companies took 11 listings in the first 6 weeks after joining the Glenbrook Office. Many others have had similar results.


Business Planning

At the Glenbrook Office, business planning for our agents is done at a higher level than most agents have ever seen. Our managing broker has created a format for your business plan, marketing plan, and more that makes it a daily, living, breathing tool to assure progress towards your goals every day. This plan is created in hands-on, small-group workshops, reviewed individually with the managing broker and will be incorporated into your regular coaching meetings.

The Tech Side of Real Estate

In the digital age, real estate professionals need efficient systems in place to be competitive and successful. Baird & Warner has developed some of the most sophisticated e-tools to power our agents to succeed. Consistently rated Chicagoland’s #1 real estate website by Chicago Agent Magazine, Baird & Warner’s public facing site provides home buyers and sellers with an unparalleled experience while tools such as the B&W Texting Solution provide instant lead generation for agents. In 2018, we gave our already #1-ranked website a complete overhaul focusing on mobile first, as more than half of real estate seller and buyer traffic is now coming from tablets and phones.


From an agent’s perspective, Baird & Warner tools originate from a state-of-the-art, Google-based intranet hub, the highlights of which include a full-feature and user-friendly CRM, in-house marketing and printing services, a custom marketing department, endless training videos and content, completely paperless transactions and social media resources to ensure you are communicating your message clearly. Additionally, Baird & Warner has exclusive partnerships with Zillow, Realtor.com and Yelp to ensure maximum exposure on these sites. And this just scratches the surface of the myriad tools at every Baird & Warner agent’s fingertips 24 hours a day.


Orientation & Onboarding

In order to provide you with all the tools necessary for success, the orientation and onboarding process utilizes a 140-point, comprehensive checklist. This process takes you from the day you decide to join to getting all of your rebranding and set-up done. Frequently, brokers that join the Glenbrook Office state, “I have gotten more from you in one day than I got in years where I was at.”


Ongoing Training, Coaching & Sales Meetings

Broker training also includes ongoing mentoring and coaching with the managing broker, Ian Robinson. For experienced agents this consists of scheduled, bi-weekly, one-on-one meetings with Ian to review your weekly, quarterly and annual goals and progress towards them and to discuss timely, relevant topics designed to make you more efficient in the current marketplace and track your success. To further hone your skills and refine your business model, the Sales Support Manager and Managing Broker are consistently available to meet with you one-on-one to keep you up to date on tools and systems.


The world of real estate is constantly evolving, whether it’s a new regulation or shifting market trends. It is our responsibility as a brokerage firm and as individual agents to stay on top of it all. Each month, Baird & Warner Glenbrook comes together at office-wide sales meetings to learn, share and discuss the latest developments so that our brokers are always in the know. At a minimum, additional training each month consists of MLS Systems, Baird & Warner technology, sales skills, marketing, and wild card sessions where the group picks the topic.


Training opportunities from outside Baird & Warner are also provided and include programs from Tom Ferry, Brian Buffini, Travis Robertson, Jared James and more. Many of these outside training events are provided free of charge to our Baird & Warner agents.

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