About our Support Team

Baird & Warner Glenbrook supports brokers with one of the most robust teams of management and staff in the industry. This group is uniquely multi-layered to back up each broker with the support they need to be successful at all times.

As a dedicated, non-selling, noncompeting manager, Ian is a highly skilled and knowledgeable managing broker and business coach with one goal in mind: helping you reach your life and business goals. He will provide you with one-on-one coaching and accountability weekly, as well as assistance in creating an in-depth business and marketing plan to help you reach your goals. In addition to being an experienced professional, Ian has authored or been interviewed for articles appearing in publications such as Chicago Agent Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The Chicago Tribune. He has also run training programs on a variety of topics for managing brokers and agents in multiple states, and holds the prestigious CRB designation from the National Association of Realtors, the only designation indicating high levels of training and competence for managing brokers. In 2018 he was among the first 300 REALTORS out of more than 1.3 Million to be certified by the National Association of REALTORS Commitment to Excellence (c2ex) Program. 

Ian Robinson

Designated Managing Broker of the Glenbrook Office

As the Glenbrook Office Sales Support Manager, Ashley Salbeck delivers sales and technology support for your business, as well as manages the operations and staff of the office. When a broker joins our office, Ashley utilizes a 140-point, onboarding checklist to ensure a smooth transition as well as conducts all of the necessary introductions and training. Agents joining us are frequently surprised at how easy and seamless the transition is to our office with Ashley’s assistance. Once you’re off and running, Ashley will use her experience in the industry, technology and business to become an invaluable asset to your individual sales team.

Ashley Salbeck

Sales Support Manager of the Glenbrook Office

The Glenbrook office staff also includes one full-time Sales Support Specialist, two part-time Sales Support Specialists, and two on-demand broker assistants. Along with the Sales Support Manager and Managing Broker, the staff is dedicated to supporting the growth and long-term success of your business in every way possible.

Kristen Freudinger

Sales Support Specialist

Lisa Michael

Sales Support Specialist

Julie Tanaka

Broker Assistant  

Alicia Gonzalez

Broker Assistant

“Every agent in Glenbrook should utilize the services offered to us by the broker assistants. We are fortunate to have skilled, friendly, diligent and tech savvy professionals available to make our marketing easier. I have grown my business in large part due to the support and consistency in executing my marketing plan  by working with the broker assistants. Consider their help as an investment in your business rather than an expense. You can start off slowly and only pay for what you need. It’s well worth it!”  – Caroline Gau

Contract Care

As an agent, you juggle a million things a day. Having a Contract Care Specialist on your team liberates you from the tasks that occur between contract and closing, and enables you to spend more time doing what you love—creating a great customer experience for home buyers and sellers to increase sales, as well as spending time with your family. Our combination of knowledge, skills, and service empowers you with the tools and resources you need to create visibility for your clients during a part of the transaction that normally falls into a “black hole” and keeps all of the moving parts on track with proactive communication. We want you to keep us updated on any information or changes throughout the closing process. We look forward to working as a team, and we are confident that we will make positive contributions for a smooth contract to close process for you.

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