Our Agents Speak

At Baird & Warner Glenbrook, real estate isn’t just about making money. Our office is constantly engaging in efforts to support our community. Through fundraisers, supporting Fair Housing Charities, food drives, and a variety of other fun events, the philanthropic spirit is alive and well in Glenbrook. Every broker associate is welcome to participate in our Good Will Committee, and of course all are welcome at our fundraising events.

Really I’m doing this for yet another opportunity to let you know how much I love being part of the Glenbrook office. I love that as a manager like no other you are tireless in your motivation and gathering of all information we need as Realtors to be the best in our market. I look forward to the end of each week to reading “Ian’s Email” where you weekly take on the monumental task of providing such an in-depth email to the office from you. We are so fortunate that you and the staff continuously provide a cornucopia of information to us necessary as potent vitamins to pursue a healthy path and plan as we prepare for each coming week.  I am so thankful for the weekly individual mentoring time you provide; it has helped me both professionally and personally. It allows me to tackle issues successfully and has kept me accountable. Lastly I am so thankful for such a wonderful office environment…it is like we are a big family…but one that doesn’t live together and without all the drama! There is an abundance of Respect, Support, Camaraderie and Motivation whenever needed. Ian, I am thankful for you as my manager, for our incredible admin staff and for the team of agents that I get to work with every day!!!

Ian Robinson deserves 10 stars. He is constantly working to benefit his agents. His door is always open for advice on transactions and taking time to know each agent as an individual. He provides specific help and assistance tailored to the needs and skills of each agent to insure their growth and success. The atmosphere he created in our office is one of a supportive family. We are all inspired by Ian’s kindness and respond in same to new agents in our office as well as old friends. We are in a work environment of respect, courtesy and nurturing. Ian’s response is always “Yes”. “What can I do to help you.” Training, personal attention and a belief in you as an person are all any agent can ask for and Ian Robinson delivers on all levels, always. I’m so happy to be the beneficiary of his time, expertise and knowledge.


I joined Baird & Warner Glenbrook in April 2017 as a real estate broker. I am so thankful to be working with Ian Robinson and having him as my managing broker. I have been in the real estate business for 20 years but my business had slowed incredibly in the last couple of years. Under Ian’s guidance and with his constant support, in less than three months, I have 11 new listings and 1 buyer sale. Ian has quickly proven to be indispensable to me by helping me put together a game plan of efficient marketing and reminding me to utilize the best of my personal resources and skills in this industry. It has helped me immensely to build a great foundation for my business, allowing for immediate success and benefits and a great stepping stone into a successful future.


Ian is a different kind of manager. He cares about the growth of his agents and strives to help them succeed on a whole other level. With only the best of intentions, he checks in on me and my team’s progress. He pushes me to learn more, serve better, and work smarter in my career. As a previously highly productive agent, he knows from experience what his agents’ challenges are and how best to serve them. He epitomizes the idea of a ‘Servant Leader’- working hard to make his agents’ lives easier but wanting them to succeed on their own terms at the same time.


Bonnie and I have worked with many excellent managers at Baird & Warner during our 12 years in Real Estate, but three things stand out for us that make Ian our favorite. First, he is a born leader. He takes charge and responsibility for his leadership when working with us. Second, he cares! Ian cares about our goals and our success (or lack of it). He cares about our attitude and progress. He cares about our professional and personal growth. Third, Ian is a good friend. He listens and knows when we are up or down. We count it a genuine privilege to work with and for Ian Robinson!


Ian is a quality individual and a fantastic manager ! He is that rare leader that is hardworking, organized and professional but also compassionate and a natural motivator . I believe he gives every employee the feeling that he cares about them and their success.


I can’t possibly say enough about Ian Robinson as a manager and mentor. I have been personally involved in Real Estate for 35 years, but have only been an agent for four. When I became an agent, I knew that there had to be a secret sauce, or a formula to success. I am here to tell you that there is. It’s very simple, but the difficult part is discovering what that is without awful frustration and expense.

The bottom line is that Ian cuts to the chase and delivers the recipe. I have spent money on everything including expensive Tom Ferry coaching. The truth is that they aren’t giving me anything that I don’t get from Ian free. I set my goals high this year and I am getting close to achieving them all with the help of Ian’s strategy, support and direction.

Ian has devoted countless hours to coaching and systems that aid his agents.

All you have to do is DO IT!!


I have worked with Ian since 2017. He has been personally coaching me to serve my clients better. He has integrity, honesty and a heart for serving others. I highly recommend him to any others brokers.


Ian is a great manager. He is knowledgeable and caring and if you have a question he usually answers within minutes. He makes sure we have a warm and caring office family and everyone is so helpful!  He is caring, keeps me accountable, and is a great teacher. He is there for me and is very responsive to my questions and emails. He goes above and beyond. He has created a great office environment of agents and staff. Its a great office family. I am very happy to be apart of the BW Glenbrook office


 I only have wonderful things to say about Ian and our life-changing decision to follow him to the Baird & Warner Glenbrook Real Estate office. He is definitely the best managing broker I have ever had in my 37 years of selling real estate. He has all the attributes of what I think a leader should have. He is knowledgeable, encouraging, caring, driving, determined, understanding, helpful and excited about his role. He believes all of us should be accountable which will lead us to great success, which is his main goal.


Ian is the consummate professional, he’s is a wonderful broker who makes you feel fully supported, he gives amazing customized coaching, has created a family environment in our office. He’s a class act that truly cares about each and every person in his office. He’s created a wonderful working environment, and he’s filled our office with the most competent staff!


Great supportive manager, knowledgeable and really cares about every

 The best of all time! In all my years in residential real estate, I have never felt as supported, educated, and encouraged to succeed in my business and personal life as I have over the past 10 years with Ian as my manager. Here’s to another 10 years of success, growth and friendship. Any agent under his tutelage will succeed.


When it comes to leadership, there are two key factors that a team member should consider: competence and care. A leader who is extremely kind but knows little of the field he leads would not be much helpful in this high-paced, competitive environment. On the other hand, a leader who is talented but all about goals, status and financially driven with a very little care for team members will not able to hold the organization for a long run. We are in a service sector where we serve other human beings and still want to have a life. It’s a blessing for me to have a leader like Ian. I am not new in real estate and I can tell you Ian is the best leader I have ever had in 20 plus years. He is knowledgeable about real estate and about leadership. Most importantly, he cares for realtors. Each and every single one of us receives his attention for our own growth. He takes the time to provide guidance on every single step of our career development. I am lucky to be on his team, the Glenbrook Office. One thing that remains mysterious is that I don’t know how he can find time and energy to help each of us, a quite large team. Each individual feels like he is always there for us when we need him. It must come from his heart of helping, his talented skills and his blessing of having a family who supports him wholeheartedly. There are much more to say about Ian, and I am happy to testify, just give me a call.


I feel very fortunate to have Ian Robinson as my Managing Broker. Ian Robinson provides exemplary training and support to everyone on his team. He provides professionalism above and beyond, whether he is working with brokers in our office or Baird & Warner clients. Most importantly, Ian takes great care in making sure that every agent obtains the information that they need, and is prepared for every transaction. He is a strong motivator, and encourages the brokers on his team to reach their highest goals and aspirations. I am very proud to be part of the Glenbrook Baird & Warner office, and I am excited to see all that can be accomplished by our amazing team through Ian’s direction. Thank you for creating such a warm, enthusiastic environment in our office. We have such wonderful people to work with! I truly love coming to work in our office!


I have been a Real Estate Broker for 15 years and have worked for other major competitors. I can honestly say that joining Baird & Warner has been the best move I’ve made thus far in my career. Ian Robinson is a manager who is concerned about the success and growth of his Agents businesses and takes great pride in their accomplishments. Unlike many other Managing Brokers he doesn’t sell property. He strictly focuses on managing the office and its Agents to grow and become successful. Ian Robinson is not only a good man but truly a great manager and coach. His marketing ideas are carefully planned and executed to provide results. He meets with me on a weekly basis to discuss my short and long term goals and helps provide a plan of action to ensure success. The Glenbrook office administration is also absolutely amazing! Along with Ian they’ve created an environment that is a positive, professional and friendly place to be. I am happy and honored to be part of such an amazing group of professionals.


Ian Robinson is an excellent manager. He is passionate about helping agents succeed and reach new heights in their careers. With his support and guidance, he has helped my team do just that. Ian meets with us regularly, shares our happiness about successes and thoughtfully helps us work through challenges. He encourages us to venture outside of our comfort zone to grow our business. We greatly appreciate his positive approach to managing and look forward to many happy years working with him.


I was working at another company for almost 20 years and moved to B&W Glenbrook office a couple months ago. I had to learn new stuff and meet new peers at the office. Ian and the office staff were there to support me and everybody in the office was nice and warm like a family. I am glad I moved and am working at B&W.


Just joined the office in January & am so happy! The office, agents and staff are the best!


So happy to be here. Everyone has been great. That all comes from Ian, who believes in hiring good people, and he has done that. There is so much energy in the office it is a pleasure to be here. Great manager, great person. Thank you Ian.

Ian is thoughtful and caring and is interested in seeing everyone get ahead. He takes the time to meet with everyone individually and keeps us focused. There are lots of learning seminars in the office that keep us at the top of our game.

The best office manager I have ever worked for. He hires good people and turns them into Super Stars. Wish I had joined him sooner.


I am so happy I made the move to Baird & Warner, mostly due to Ian Robinson. This is a manager to be emulated by all managers. Ian is honorable, caring, approachable, supportive and kind, to name just a few of his attributes. Ian makes being a Realtor fun along with support and by helping an agent meet their goals by keeping them specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Ian makes himself available to meet with each committed agent on a weekly basis to share confirmation of tasks that will implement their ability to reach those goals. Ian started this office with only 3 Realtors one year ago, to date we surpass 40 Realtors. Quite an accomplishment for any manager but an easy task for Ian. This office shows warmth and friendship among Realtors. There is only help and support for each other in this office. Having our agent only get-together time makes each get to know the other just a little better, thereby evoking friendship and help when one can assist with another Realtor’s issues or concerns.


Ian is the best manager an agent could ask for. He truly cares about his agents, works tirelessly on our behalf, responds quickly to questions and is knowledgeable about the local market. He has helped me grow my business with weekly coaching, training, and support of the Baird & Warner tools. If you have been looking for a broker to guide you and one that you can trust, Ian is the manager for you at the Glenbrook Office.


Is not only absolutely the best manager ever!! He makes sure that everyone has the tools, coaching and inspiration to succeed! He also makes sure that we work in a positive, warm and inclusive environment. I love my job, my colleagues and my manager. Welcome Home!!


Ian, moving to Baird & Warner has been everything you promised. The hands on personal care and attention to my needs have made this a smooth transition. I love the support staff and team that helps me get out all my promotional materials on a timely basis. You’re availability for one on one coaching has been most beneficial in keeping me on track. So many educational seminars covering topics even those in the business for years will find informative. Your kindness and personal care for each and every agent is unmatched.

Your actions inspire the entire office to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. I thank you for being such a great coach, mentor and definitely a great LEADER!


I’m a Realtor and in June 2016, I chose to join Ian Robinson’s office at Baird & Warner. I can hardly explain what an incredible life changing decision this has been for my career. Ian Robinson is a fabulous businessman who exemplifies dedication and commitment to the success of the Realtors in his office every day, while maintaining the highest ethical standards. I can’t imagine managing my business under the leadership of anyone else. I’m very grateful to Ian Robinson and Baird & Warner for providing me with the opportunity to grow my business in a tremendous environment of professional support and motivation. Thank you, Ian!


At 59 years old I finally have the most wonderful career and mentor. I have worked my entire life in various occupations ranging from steel sales, purchasing manager, and special education assistant. I started my career in Real Estate and always knew that there must be a system for success. After spending a couple of years with different managers, I was fortunate enough to meet Ian. He works tirelessly to teach, train, and assist, his agents to become the best that they can be. There is absolutely a formula for success. Ian knows it, and shares his knowledge. He also provides an environment in which collaboration and team spirit flourish making it easy and fun to do our jobs! He supply’s resources, the most amazing support team ever, and talent that help us to be exceptional agents. I cannot say enough about my Manager and my fellow agents. I am blessed to have landed where I am at Baird and Warner Glenbrook.


It will be 2 years this May that I have been in the business. I am so glad that I switched to Baird and Warner at the Glenbrook office. I should have started here to begin with but the office was still very new and my other office had a mentor program and I had some friends there at the time. I was still feeling lost since you need to have an office with training and guidance and a hands on manager to guide you. Licensing class doesn’t teach you how to be an agent.

Our office has all of that and more. First, Ian is a phenomenal manager who cares and is extremely knowledgeable. You have weekly coaching that is personalized for you. He keeps you accountable and more. Our office has weekly training often multiple times per week. Some of the training is technology based and some is real life discussions and scenarios. We have a new agent training that is occurring now for additional training. The training is available for all agents no matter how long they have been in the business. You can never stop learning. Ian also brings in people for various training sessions all the time.

Next, our support staff is great and extremely tech savvy for extra support and help. Another thing that is very unique to our office and I don’t know of any other brokerage firms that have this. This was another reason why I switched over. We have broker assists. You can’t do it all as you get busy with this business. The broker assists can help with many things such as your marketing. You pay them by the hour when you need something. You may need some extra help but most agents can’t afford a part time or full time assistant.

Next, the agents in the office are so helpful and nice. Everyone contributes as a team. Even the top producing agents will help and you can bounce ideas off of them. In some other offices this does not happen. We are one big work family team. Ian works very hard to have this environment.

Lastly, Baird and Warner is locally and family owned but you can do business all over the United States if desired. You can actually give your suggestions and they will make changes if for the better. You can’t do that so easily with large companies since there are lots of layers. You won’t regret coming to our office and we are all here to help and support each other.


It’s all about the right office

After getting my license, I joined a company I thought was right for me. After being there for few months I realized I wasn’t motivated to do my job. I started thinking about why I feel that way. I worked so hard to get my license and I found myself not being productive and excited to come in to work after all. I decided that I was not not receiving the right training and tools to do my job. I needed to make a change.

I decided to go and interview more companies, and only one stood out from the moment I walked in to the door. The Baird & Warner Glenbrook Office.

From the moment I met Ian and saw what the office has to offer, I knew this is the right fit for me. I love the staff support, everyone’s been so helpful, the training is amazing and the meetings are great! I love attending every one of them. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Waking up in the morning is so much easier knowing you’re going into the office you call your second home.


The Baird & Warner Glenbrook Office is truly the most wonderful work environment that I have experienced in my professional career. Ian Robinson and his support staff create a team-oriented and enthusiastic environment for all of their agents and clients. Ian’s extensive knowledge and experience of the real estate industry has been very instrumental in the success of many of my transactions. He is always encouraging his agents to reach for their highest potential. The training, expertise, and support that he provides his agents makes every day an exciting day at the Baird & Warner Glenbrook office.


Thank you Ian for bringing me into your office in Glenbrook. You are an outstanding professional and the best managing broker I have had the pleasure to work with. You have built an office with some of the best brokers in Glenview/Northbrook and created a culture that is both supportive and positive. Looking forward to the future of being a part of your office team and thrilled to be part of the best.


After working for a competing brokerage for over 10 years, i made the switch to Baird & Warner. It was a leap of faith, however I knew that it was a fairly good bet that i would be making a very smart move. Fast forward to 2018 and I can safely say that it was the best move and I have to give substantial credit to the excellent managerial skills of Ian Robinson, my managing broker. Kind, intelligent, empathetic and driven, Ian has had a huge impact on my development as a real estate professional. Our office and Baird & Warner is fortunate to have Ian as the Glenbrook Managing Broker.


It’s hard to find a combination of competence and kindness. Ian is absolutely a great leader a an awesome person to work with. He knowledgeable and responsive. I truly thank his family to support him in his position. He answered all our questions promptly if it’s not within minutes. Baird and Warner is lucky to have him as a managing broker.


I have now been working with Ian Robinson as my managing broker at Baird and Warner since late April 2017. Moving to Baird and Warner and working with Ian has by far been the best personal business decision I have ever made. Under Ian’s guidance and with his constant support and coaching Ian has proved to be indispensable to me, my business and to my fellow brokers in the office. My business has skyrocketed in both volume and number of closed transactions. From my very first day he has guided me through so many higher levels of learning and business that has shown immediate and positive results in my business production. He is the ultimate mentor and motivator whether you are a new, newer or seasoned broker Ian provides excellent one on one coaching to everyone who wants it. He and his office staff have been the key to my recent and upwardly mobile brokerage success. He promotes a constant learning environment. His office meetings are well thought out, information packed, relevant and extremely well attended…nobody wants to miss them. He is extremely knowledgeable in EVERYTHING real estate…I have benefited immensely from his knowledge. Everyday working with Ian makes me thankful that I made the decision to change brokerages. It has been a privilege to work with Ian.

I joined Baird & Warner Glenbrook in April 2017 as a real estate broker. I am so thankful to be working with Ian Robinson and having him as my managing broker. I have been in the real estate business for 20 years but my business had slowed incredibly in the last couple of years. Under Ian’s guidance and with his constant support, in less than three months, I have 11 new listings and 1 buyer sale. Ian has quickly proven to be indispensable to me by helping me put together a game plan of efficient marketing and reminding me to utilize the best of my personal resources and skills in this industry. It has helped me immensely to build a great foundation for my business, allowing for immediate success and benefits and a great stepping stone into a successful future.